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2 years of blogging and I finally belong

I started blogging 2 years ago out of a passion to cook and share recipes. A lot of my friends encouraged my shoddy attempt to be a amateur food writer, photographer and a cook. If you ever get the chance to see my earliest recipes you would cringe to see the photographs clicked by me.

I did not and still don’t have a camera, my “I phone” is my trusted aide and I use it click all the pictures. I don’t develop recipes at all. Infact very few recipes on this blog are mine the rest are recipes I have seen on other people’s blog or shared by friends (ofcourse giving them due credit). Some people took my passion seriously, some treated me with kindness that you will shower on an child who wants to do something new and you know may not succeed. And some just plainly ignored me.


There were days when I just wanted to give up and throw the towel in. After all blogging was not giving me anything besides being an outlet. I had a full time job and things to do at home, so my hands were pretty full anyways. But for some reason I did not give up. Once in a while someone would comment on my blog telling me they liked my recipes and some kind soul who would dare to make something from my blog, would message me that they enjoyed it, kept me going.


And then a few months ago I got to chance to be a part of a ‘Eat Drink Blog Australia 2013” conference, where food bloggers from around Australia would get together to share, talk and learn more about blogging. Luckily it was being held in Perth so I did not have go anywhere else. I send in my registration full of nervous anticipation waiting to hear that I was accepted. I had travel plans, which I changed in the hope and everyday I checked my mail.

More Pics2

They say good things come to those who wait and waiting is a game I play really well. I finally got my acceptance mail and then came more waiting for the D day or shall I say D weekend. Every few weeks we would get mails from the organizers sharing the agenda, activities and a million other things that were planned for us. I was impressed the meticulous planning and it made me even more nervous. Especially as I would be meeting these bunch of professional bloggers who clearly knew what they were doing wherein I had no idea on how to even take pictures, forget about writing.

More Pics3

The night before  the day we had our conference I lay awake tossing and turning, unable to relax. I wondered what I would wear, what I would say, who I would meet, would I be accepted. I mean till now I had suffered from this identity crisis. I did not know if I was an Indian food blogger who lived in Australia or was I an Australian food blogger who wrote about Indian food. I was sure I was none and I could feel my armpits sweating with nervousness as I walked to the destination.

More Pics4

Once I entered the venue I was shocked to see the number of attendees. There were around 100 people in that room on that hot sunny day with food and drinks stalls to cater to ever hungry demand. I was still nervous and kept frequenting the ladies room to stare in the mirror and make sure I looked presentable. I had worn an Indian outfit to ensure my identity as a Mumbai girl was intact but being in that room with so many amazing people had me shaking in my fancy mojris (Indian ethnic shoes).

More Pics7

Slowly as I started meeting and talking to people my nervousness subsided. Everyone was genuinely friendly and interested in knowing me and talking about my blog. The sessions we had around blogging were informative and completely in context with whole conference, keeping us hooked and engaged. We learned about Coffee making from “Five senses“, had a discussion on growing and eating locally as well as discussions on blogging ethics and legal awareness. Food and goodies were provided by Littlesweet baking, European foods, Jean piearie sanchos. There was a constant flow of good food throughout with the evening ending in a pop up dinner where everyone just got to unwind and chill.

More Pics6

The day could not have ended on a sweeter note and if that was not enough the next day we had the opportunity to take part in a pastry masterclass with chef Emmanuel Mollois for the launch of his new cook book “Patisserie”. He taught us to make the most amazingly delicious Choux pastry filled with a Monte Carlo Cream mousse. And I couldn’t have been more happier.


By the time the second day ended we said our goodbye I felt completely at home in the company of all these people I had just met a day ago who had taken the time to get to know me, talk to me and even follow my blog. When I got into the car to go back home it just hit me that I belonged here, that I was an Australian food blogger. India is my identity, my cultural heritage. But Australia and especially Perth is now my home and there is where I am from.

I also realized that my blog was now 2 years old and I was being accepted as one of the bloggers from down under. Could I have asked for a better birthday present for my blog. I think not. I slept well after going home that night, very content and inspired with all the bright people I was surrounded by during the EDB13 conference.

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Keep going and keep doing what you love. Remember you do it for yourself and no one else.


Thank you sweety u keep inspiring me all the time.

That other cook...

how amazing! you must be so happy! congratulations on your second blog anniversary!


Thank you so much. Feels like I am suddenly a part of something big and special :)


A massive congratulations to you on your two years blogging! And a big well done taking part in the conference. It’s just absolutely wonderful that your beautiful work and cooking is being recognised! :)


Thank you Dimple I hope I can keep growing all the time :)


Yay! You’re amazing :) LOVE all your yummy recipes


Thank you sweety :)


You beautiful woman, of course you belong! And we are SO lucky to have you. Thank you for sharing your gift with us x


Thanks Bri :) Really appreciate the opportunity you guys gave me.


It was lovely to meet you at EDB and it’s very refreshing to read this honest and beautifully written post. Thank you for being true to yourself :)


It was lovely to meet you too. Happy to see my post touched your heart :) And glad that you stopped by and mentioned it.


Somehow I have always identified with what you write, probably becoz I am from Mumbai as well living in a far away land. Hence I have followed your blog . What ever the reason your post hit home this time.. Your nervousness and identity crisis … You may not be sure but you sure write well… Congrats on your blog anniversary!!


Arti thank you so much. I am feeling stronger about this passion I am following every day now.

Heather (Sweet Precision)

What a GREAT opportunity!! Sounds like you had an amazing time. And congratulations on passing the two year mark!!! It’s such a pleasure to read (and see) your creative recipes online :)


Heather thank you so much, you are very very kind. I hope one day I can bake like you do.

Christina | The Hungry Australian

Great to meet you in person at EDB. I’m happy you had such a great time :)


Thanks Christina, it was great seeing you too.

Sugar et al

Loved reading about you and your blogging experience! I am yet to complete a year and loving every bit of it. There’s something about the blogging community..I think there is place for everybody. And it is so addictive! Those sweet treats look amazing! Glad to have connected with you.


Your blog is so so gorgeous. Even though I have completed 2 years I feel I have a long way till I start blogging and taking pics like you do. Thank you for stopping by. Btw I ate too many of those sweet treats :)


Lovely post, I’m so sorry we didn’t get to meet face to face! Better luck next year!


Yeah hopefully we can catch up some day :)

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