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A fabulous dinner for 2 – Delhi O Delhi

I love it when a restaurant delivers what it says it would because the last thing you want to do when you go out to eat is paying for disappointment. Thankfully “Delhi O Delhi” met all our expectations and left us so full that we could hardly move. The restaurant is located in the lovely and eclectic suburb of “Newtown” and to my surprise was pretty busy on a balmy Sunday evening.


As  I waited for the husband, who was running late to join me, I made myself comfortable with a glass of wine and looking around the atmosphere and ambiance of the restaurant. The staff was friendly and affable happy to serve and make suggestions from the menu. Here is what we ordered when he finally turned up:



Khasta Kachori –  This popular street food from Delhi was a delight and as per the chef one of the most requested item on the menu. I could clearly see why because it was literally an explosion of flavors. Crunchy, sweet, sour and cold, it was delicious.

Tandoori Sampler Platter: Which consisted of “Adraki Chops,” Which was lamb cutlets marinated with some unusual spices cooked in a Tandoor. Podi Masala Prawn, King prawns in a marinade of Andhra masala powder which came surprisingly on a bed of bhel (puffed rice).

Chakundari Chicken Tikka, Chicken morsels cooked with beetroot, green chili, mustard oil & yogurt. This was by far my favorite. The flavors were deliciously subtle, and it smelled incredibly good.



Aam Phoolkhopi – Cauliflower cooked in a tangy Mustard and  Mango paste. I never order Cauliflower when I eat at a restaurant in Australia as most of them have a tendency to over cooked the Cauliflower or undercook it but then as a compensation smoother it in the gravy. Thankfully this dish was spot on.



Fish Masaledar – This was the husband’s favorite. The fish can in a tangy Tomato sauce and while holding its own, melted in our mouths. The fish was spicy but not over spicy.



Mopala Murg – This dish was a revelation and by far one of the best Chicken dishes I had eaten in a long time. The texture of Coconut, the sweetness of Brown onions and the heat of the spices that were added to this dish made it an enjoyable addition to an already scrumptious meal.



Nehari Goat – I love Goat, and this one was cooked beautifully with a very light taste of Cardamom and Saffron.




What can I say, even though by the time we had eaten the starters and stuffed ourselves with the mains we found the space to eat three different types of desserts and might I say they were lip smacking and made us feel a little greedy for eating so much.



Gulab Jamuns – Warm ricotta dumplings cooked in a sweet Sugar syrup decorated with Pistachio Dust. These were clearly, made in house and not out of a can and were the softest things that we eat that night.



Fig Pistachio & Honey Kulfi – The chilled milk kulfi laced with Figs and honey was perfect for the warm evening. I loved how the Fig was not overpowering, and the honey just added a tinge of sweetness without overwhelming it.



Lucknowi Meetha – Food can be art, and this dish was truly a piece of art created by the chef. Warm Chocolate and Sweer pistachio pastry decorated with Sugar Art and served with vanilla ice cream. We spent a few minutes just admiring the dish before we could dig in. It was truly delicious.

I can safely say that our evening at “Delhi O Delhi” involved great conversations and fabulous food in a comfortable atmosphere. The food was spectacular and the service spot on.


Disclaimer: While the food was paid for by the restaurant, the reviews are my own.






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