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A flavor bomb – Ram Ladoo

Loitering around the bustling markets in Delhi I stumbled upon this delicious concoction called “Ram Ladoo”. I have no idea who Ram is or why Ladoos that are typically a sweet dish were made savory here but let me tell you these deep fried Ladoos were the bomb. A batter is made of 2 different Dals and then deep fried into savory balls.



The Ladoos are served with chopped Radish and a very spicy green chutney and a sweet Tamarind chutney. And you have to try and eat everything together in a bite. The savory soft Ladoos blend perfectly with the pungent radish and sharp taste of the two different chutneys.It literally felt like a flavor bomb had exploded in my mouth and the sensation was everything from shock to delight.



This was one flavorful experience that I will remember for a while

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