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Hi, I am Bhavna, a girl from Mumbai now living in Sydney, Australia.  “Eat Eat Eat and then eat some more,” has been my philosophy of life. I found my calling in this amazing country called Australia after I moved here a few years ago. India has given me roots, and Australia gave me wings to fly. A Project Manager by profession, my passion lies in eating, cooking, photography and reading. Being self-trained, I make an endeavor to read avidly and continually evolve to put new ideas into practice. However, my aim is to cook great food with simplified recipes which are easy to understand and easier to make.


You may not find fancy props or heavily edited photographs, and you will have to pardon my lack of penchant for elaborate recipes. However, you can be rest assured that this girl has put all her heart and passion into what I cook and write. Travel this road with me to learn this great cuisine of India, and how I earnestly try to blend it into beautiful surroundings of Australia to create a symbiotic fusion.


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Shan Masala


Carnivore Club