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An evening at Delhi By The Way

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien


Eating is not just a necessity in my books; it is also a pleasurable experience that has to be enjoyed in the company of good friends and family. And on top of it if you eat the food in a warm, comfortable environment it becomes even more delicious. That is the exact experience we had dining out at “Delhi By the Way” a few days ago. As the restaurant was named after my favorite City, I was more than happy to visit when I received a dining invitation from them.




Decorated with bright twinkling fairy lights from outside it seemed like I was somewhere in Chandani Chowk for a minute and not in Sydney. The restaurant was beautifully decorated and looked inviting. The staff was friendly and attentive towards every customer. I loved how the place mats on every table had information about Delhi for patrons to read.





The first thing that we caught my eye on the menu was “Raam Ladoo”.  This lip-smacking street food of deep fried lentil fritters is a delicacy found only on the streets of Delhi and is something that I loved during my last trip to the city. Served with Radish and a very spicy mint Chutney, it made your mouth sing with a zing. The owner of the restaurant politely informed us that the Raam Ladoo they served were not the exact ones found in Delhi but had an Australian twist to them encouraging us to try it. The ladoos were served cold with a mint chutney which was a bit on the sweeter side, unlike the version we get in Delhi.  Needless to say, the presentation and the taste was excellent and perfect for the Australian pallet.


We also ordered a non-vegetarian entree platter which comprised of Lahsooni Jheenga (Garlic prawns), Gilafi Kebab (Mince Lebbab), Murg Tikka (Chicken Tikka)  and Pudhina Chaap (Lamb coated with mint), served with mint chutney. Again the presentation was delightful and the food delicious.



We ordered an assortment of different choices for the mains so we could eat a few different things. In the Vegetarian options, we chose “Daal Tadka Delhi Style” which were lentils cooked with Tomatoes and then tempered with Spices and “Baingan Bharta” which is a very typical North Indian style of cooking Grilled Eggplants.


In the non-vegetarian option, we ordered “Gymkhana Ghost,” which is Goat curry cooked in the Gymkhanas of Delhi and “Macher Jhol,” which is Bengali style, Fish Curry. There were Rice and Naan to mop it all up. The food was hearty and wholesome. We couldn’t get enough of the Gymkhana Ghost with the meat falling off the bone and the spices delicate without being too overwhelming. The Macher Jhol was unlike the Jhols I have eaten below but was creamy and delicious, full of flavors.



Frankly speaking after eating a full scrumptious meal there was no way we could eat sweets but then who says no to dessert right? Clearly not us. So we ordered “Gulab Jamuns” which were perfect and the freezing and creamy Indian Ice Cream called “Kulfi.” It was a perfect end to a very pleasurable dining experience.




We ate well, drank heartily and shared some fond memories of home that was so far away. In my books, a second visit is definitely on the cards. Don’t you think so?


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I positively HATE Delhi but the food makes up more than makes up for that extreme dislike! A gourmet’s paradise!!


Yes the food in Delhi is unparalleled.

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