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Quick and easy Prawns masala

I always have a laugh when someone complains about how difficult it is to make Indian food. Because that...

Crab Curry

As a Punjabi, I usually fail to understand the beauty of a Fish. As a community, we are not known for our...


A terrible fish to fry - Bombil Curry (Bombay duck curry)

  A few lanes away from our home there lived a Marathi family. They were reserved and quiet, so we...


Beat your Biryani Blues - Fish Biryani with Shan Masala

While most people love to indulge in this treat, not everyone wants to make it. There seems to be this belief...


Tisrya Sukha - Clams cooked with Coconut

I have never been friendly with Shellfish in my life. I can work my way through Prawns like a Pro but any...


Sorse Narkol Chingri - Prawns cooked in a Mustard & Coconut gravy

I firmly believe that the state of mind one is in while cooking reflects on the quality of food. Food that is...

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For the love of Bengali food - Basa Jhal (Basa fillets cooked in a spicy Mustard & Poppy Seeds paste)

The running joke in my family is that I was supposed to be born in a Bengali household but because I was such...

An uncomplicated meal - Spinach & Prawns stir fry

I was reading an article about how we complicate our life so often, and it made me realise that it is, in...

A pasta for a busy day - Seafood Linguine

With the year coming to an end there is a race to finish all the pending work on time to ensure we can have a...


Spicy Prawns Curry for kitchen blues

There are four types of people in the world. 1)      People who detest cooking but love to...

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