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Delhi unknown Tales of a City – R V Smith

Dilli ke na the kuche Auraq-e-mussavir the. Jo shakl nazar aayi Tasveer nazar aayi.

(It wasn’t the lanes and streets of Delhi: It was the pages of an album. Each and every face that one saw was a painting)- Mir Taqi Mir. “Delhi unknown Tales of a City” by R V Smith is a collection of some lovely anecdotes on Delhi. For a lover of this old city, this book is a fabulous discovery because of all the amazing stories that the author has incorporated into it. There is so much to discover about the city that the book makes you feel like you are walking into all its dark labyrinths and folds one chapter at a time. I loved reading about the history behind the weird street names, the stories behind the forgotten old buildings which were once as majestic as the city itself and the people who called Delhi their own. A city that was loved by Ghalib and by Mir, a city that the Mughals filled with gardens and architecture, a city that the British tried to tame, Delhi has seen it all and Mr. Smith, who clearly knows the city, more intimately then some has tried to capture it all.

A wonderfully informative read that I am glad I added to my fast growing collection of books on Delhi.


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