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Jai Ho – Restaurant Visit

I hardly go out to eat Indian food as I can make it easily at home but some days I crave a hot fluffy naan dipped in a delicious curry not cooked by me and then temptation follows. My visit to ‘Jai Ho’ was a result of this temptation. I was quite amazed at the number of great reviews this restaurant was getting from a local Facebook group that I was a part of and decided to visit it for a lunch on a balmy Sunday afternoon. The restaurant was empty except one other couple who were already leaving, but that did not deter us from being there. We had high hopes and hungry bellies and were expecting something different, but one glance at the menu showed us the same array of dishes that every Indian restaurant in Perth has.

We were impressed with the free Poppadums and Chutney’s that we received before our mains because let’s face it we never get anything for free in Perth. So while our lunch was getting ready, we happily munched on the crispy Poppadums and excellent Mint Chutney.

IMG_5612[1]Between the two of us we ordered 1 Vegetarian and 1 Non-Vegetarian Thali hoping to sample a few different dishes. “Thali” is a big plate that has an assortment of small serving of a few different things from the menu. Both our Thali’s had the standard Rice, Raita (Yogurt dip), Naan, Dal (Channa dal). My Vegetarian thali included Navratan Korma (Mixture of vegetables cooked in a delicate almond gravy) and Palak Paneer (Spinach cooked with Cottage Cheese). While, the husband’s Non-Vegetarian Thali had a Lamb curry and Butter Chicken. The meal took almost 20 minutes to arrive, and we had to ask the server twice about what was happening to our order.

Once the meal came, we were quite happy with the presentation. The food looked and smelled hot and delicious. The Palak Paneer (Spinach cooked with Cottage Cheese) and Lamb tasted great, but everything else was a disaster. I have yet to eat real Butter Chicken in a restaurant in Perth as the Butter Chicken we get here is Sweet. I am not sure at what stage did some chef decided to add Sugar in the Buttery gravy, and it became the standard of all Indian restaurants in Perth. The Butter Chicken we had at “Jai Ho” was no exception to this rule. It seemed like we were eating Chicken in a sweet Tomato gravy. The Dal was stodgy and sweet too and felt like the sauce and Dal were cooked separately and then just put together as an afterthought. The Navratan Korma, which is usually sweet, anyways had the same gravy as the Dal. The Raita, which one would expect to be a savory item, came laden with Sugar.

The sweetness of most of the food was so overwhelming that we could not finish our meal. We left the restaurant $45 short and completely unsatisfied. Another Indian restaurant, another disappointment in my ever increasing list of bad Indian restaurant’s in Perth.


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Vicki | the fashionable

Hi, ive been an instagrAm follower of tour for a while but this is my first visit to yOur blog!

I agree with you – perth is not great for indian food.

Have tou tried the spice tree at whitford city? It’s the best indian we’ve eaten since leaving the uk five years ago

i would love to hear some of your restaurant recommEndatio Ns.


Vicki | the fashionable

Can i apologise for my Random caps and spelling eRroRs – no idea what is going on there!


Hi Vicki sorry for the late response. First of all thank you for taking the time to write to me. I have been looking for great Indian food in perth and have been disappointed a lot. Having said that “Annalaxmi” in the city and “Hare Krishna” in Northbridge both run by charitable trusts offer some really simple and homely Indian vegetarian food.


It is a scrumptious spread. Kudos to you for creating these simple delights.

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