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My first published post with Indian Food Network – Lamb Saagwala

When I started to blog four years ago, I lacked the inspiration, the knowledge and the diligence to do it. While I still enjoyed cooking I did not know what to do with this passion that had started to take roots in my mind. All this changed when I met ‘Kalyan Karmakar’ who ran a very popular blog back in India called Finely Chopped.  That fact that I was a Punjabi, born and brought up in a Sindhi Suburb, Married to a Marathi, lover of all things Bengali and ate my Guinness Pie with gusto amused him.

1-IMG_8527He suggested I start blogging again, and I took his cue and began my blog again.  It has been four years since I met him in Perth while Kalyan has gone to become even more famous; my blog has also grown  from strength to strength. So when Kalyan contacted me about writing for the website Indian food network which he curates, you can imagine how I must have felt.

1-IMG_8567The fact that I was given an opportunity to write for a website by someone I looked up to has to be the highlight of the year for me.  I was extremely apprehensive about what I would write but when one wants to really push themselves, your comfort zone is something that always comes to your rescue. So I dug into my Punjabiness and wrote about the food I love, home cooked Punjabi food “Lamb Saagwala”, Lamb cooked with Green vegetables and while I think I still have a long way to call myself a writer of any kinds, there is a strange sense of satisfaction that I feel. I think I will sleep well tonight.

1-IMG_8570Head over to the page of Indian food network to read my very first published post. Yippee !!!

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Excellent writeup as always, kudos bhawna you grow from strength to strength


Thank you Madhukar for your kind words.


Looks great. I’m really looking forward to trying out this one!


Thank you stefan, it was very delicious. Hope you enjoy making it.

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