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Sandwich Diaries – Vegetable Sandwich

It is fascinating to watch what happens to 2 slices of bread stuffed with something between a toaster or a sandwich press. The plain ordinary white Bread becomes something dark, crispy and exotic and ofcourse if the stuffing has Cheese it also becomes gooey and luscious with the cheese trickling down from all sides.1-IMG_4450

Sandwich is a common word in all households isn’t it? It is a boon for a million mornings of breakfast blues. Apparently the name “Sandwich” originated from the ‘Earl of Sandwich’ in Kent. Who loved to stuff different cuts of meats in thick slices of bread to carry with him when he went hunting. And thus the not so subtle art of stuffing things in Bread became widely known as called “Sandwich.”

1-Food 211Who would have thought the very humble and not so gourmet sandwich has almost got royal origins, not me for sure? I am forever grateful to him though for introducing us to this art of stuffing Bread. As you can figure, I make a lot of sandwiches. Usually, I make sandwiches as an afterthought to use whatever vegetables I have leftover in the fridge. But some days I like to go an extra mile and make a nice filling for my sandwiches to look and taste delicious. I love using grated Carrots or finely chopped Zucchini for the filling as well.


This vegetable sandwich for me is a life saver. I usually use the standard Capsicum, Tomatoes, Onion and lots and lots of Mozzarella cheese as filling but some days I chuck in any other vegetable I can find as well. The best thing about this filling is that it can be made the night before, except the addition of Salt & Onions which I add just before I make the sandwich as the Onions and Salt release water making the filling all slushy.

1-IMG_4440It is so easy that I cannot believe that I am blogging about it. But I am sure there are many people out there who need some life-saving Sandwich filling recipes to save their day. So here it is:

Recipe (cooking time depends on your sandwich press, makes 6 Sandwiches)

For the filling

1 large Capsicum chopped finely (you can use half of a yellow and half of a Green capsicum to give it some colour.

1 large Tomato chopped finely

1 medium Onion finely chopped (If you are chopping all vegetables the previous evening add the Onions only before you make the sandwich)

Chilli flakes as per your taste

Lots of grated Mozzarella Cheese depending on your taste (a little extra cheese can never do any harm)

Salt & Pepper to taste

For the Sandwich

Thick slices of any white or brown Bread


Mix all the ingredients of the filling together in a bowl. Stuff the desired the filling in between 2 slices of bread. Slather Butter on both sides of the bread (not the side which has the filling) and toast in a sandwich press or toaster till done. Serve with Tomato sauce.

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