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Chilke waali Masoor dal with Rocket

I heart dals, my lunch/dinner table is incomplete without a Dal taking center stage. I find that my meals are...


A north indian Dal for a Maharashtrian home - Punjabi Mooth Dal (Matki)

A North Indian kitchen is usually adorned with different colored Dals and Pulses which are an integral part...


A dal for the Road with a little bit of History - Dhabha Dal

Before the railways connected India with India itself, there were only roads that were the primary source of...

The sick person's comfort food - Simple Mung Dal with Ghee

I have been a bit under the weather of late. Not sure what ails me but a strange sense of melancholy seems to...

Not a gourmet dish - Simple Maharshtrian Style Dal fry

You know there is great food and then there is simple food. Simple food may not look amazing or photograph...

The versatile daal - simple Urad Daal punjabi style

I would like to call myself a Global Indian. I have traveled around a bit and tasted different cuisines....

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