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Jhatpat Paneer Masala - Quick & Easy Cottage Cheese masala

I tried to come up with something really witty and smart for this post today. I wanted to break into poetry,...


Just another Paneer dish - Paneer masala (Cottage cheese cooked in a Tomato & Onion gravy)

The only cheese in a Punjabi dictionary is  Cottage Cheese or Paneer as we call it. There is an unending...

The Paneer with a facelift - Paneer Lababdar (Cottage Cheese in a creamy tangy gravy)

We are a family that loves our Paneer (Cottage cheese), It is a regular guest on our dinning table which...

My not so Makhani Gravy - Paneer in a tomato and yoghurt gravy

We all know that the famed Indian “Makhani (butter) Gravy” has been done to death.  Every restaurant...

All purpose Paneer bhurji - Ricotta Cheese in scrambled Eggs style

I am sure every person who is even remotely interested in cooking has a trick up there sleeve or a no fail...

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