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Butter Chicken with Shan Masalas

Do you guys realize how we Indians never actually eat Bread on its own? Every piece of Bread must be dipped,...

Rasmalai for a day of love

ishqne'ġhālib'nikammākardiyā varna ham bhī aadmī the kaam ke (Love has made you worthless Ghalib....


Tandoori Chicken with Shan masalas

What are the three dishes that you associate Punjabis with? I am sure it would be: Rajma Chawal (Kidney...


Bombay Biryani - Chicken Biryani with Shan spice mix

I am not a food historian, so forgive me for any mistakes but from whatever little I have read it seems that...


Chicken Jalfrezi

I can easily cook Indian food for Indians. But cooking Indian food for non-Indians can be a challenge....


Lamb Karahi - A sinful treat

Some days and I strictly mean only some days food needs to be more than just ordinary. It needs to be sinful,...


Beat your Biryani Blues - Fish Biryani with Shan Masala

While most people love to indulge in this treat, not everyone wants to make it. There seems to be this belief...


Shan Diwali Breakfast - Achari Aloo

Breakfast for Diwali has to be special and especially when you live abroad, and Diwali falls on a Sunday. It...

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