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The king of Parathas – Mooli Parathas (Radish stuffed flatbread)

Paratha’s or stuffed flat breads are an integral part of a Punjabi’s life. We are stereotyped with Paratha’s and let me tell you we are proud of it. There is nothing more special for a Punjabi then having home made Paratha’s with pickle and curd made by our moms.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAnd for me the King of Parathas has to be the ‘Mooli Paratha’ ( Radish stuffed Flatbread). Radish is synonymous with winters in Northern India. We pickle them, use them in curries and use them as stuffing in flatbreads. So if you are thinking what am I doing making Mooli Parathas when it is almost summer in Perth, let me tell you that when you find an Indian vegetable in Perth, it doesn’t matter what the season is or what the Occassion is, you just buy it and cook something that takes you back home.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetAnd Mooli Parathas remind me of cold winter mornings, a cup of chai and these Parathas served with pickle, curd and a huge and I mean huge dollop of homemade white butter. Now I did not have the energy or inclination to churn the butter at home (yes I am not perfect) but Parathas I made and ate with relish.

1-Food Used1There is a special technique which is used for the filling as the Radish releases water so Salt is added as we are rolling out the Paratha and then it is cooked quickly. This is my mothers recipe and she makes the best Parathas in the world.
Recipe (for 4 Parathas) 
Butter/ghee or oil to fry the Parathas
For the stuffing (makes enough for 4 generously stuffed Parathas) 
1 large white Indian radish
1 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp Amchur powder or Chaat masala
1 green chilli finely chopped
1 tsp Ajwain (bishops weed)
1 tbsp freshly chopped green coriander
Salt to taste
Prepare the stuffing 
Grate  the radish and using your hands squeeze out all the water. I take small portions of the grated radish and squeeze water and put them aside/ There must be no water in the radish or the Parathas will fall apart.
Add all the ingredients of the stuffing except the salt and mix well. You can keep this stuffing for 1 day in the fridge as we have not added any salt. Mind you, you will have a very smelly fridge though.
For the dough
2 coffee cups wholewheat flour
Salt to taste
1 tsp vegetable oil
Enough lukewarm water to knead the dough
Some extra flour to roll out the Parathas
Add flour and salt in a bowl and using lukewarm water knead into a soft dough. Add the oil to make it smooth and not sticky. I usually never add oil.
Make the Parathas 
Heat a Tawa or a pan on a medium flame.
Take a ball size portion of the dough and roll it a little. Add a tbsp or more of the filling (be careful because your paratha will tear if you overstuff it.
Now sprinkle a little salt as per taste for each paratha and a little flour on top of the stuffing, the flour will soak up any excess water that the radish will release due to the salt. Close the ball of dough well, and roll it out gently into a round flatbread, a little bigger then a quarter plate.
Place the flatbread on the pan and cook on both sides. Apply a little oil while cooking. Once cooked serve hot with some Butter and accompaniments.

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It looks delicious and I’m so going to make this for tomorrow’s breakfast! Thanks for sharing the recipe:)


Glad you liked it.

Ping~Laotian Chic

Delicious! I never thought I would like the radish filling. I’ll be making this again for sure!


Thank you so much Ping, these are my favorites especially in


Thank your mumma for this recipe from me please? It’s on file. And the sprinkling of flour over the mooli. Genius! xo

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