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To soothe your Sugar cravings – Rasmalai with milkpowder (sweet dumplings made with Milk powder)

Last night after dinner D wanted to have something Sweet. He has a major sweet tooth and because I am not very good at making desserts we usually have some Chocolate or Ice cream in the fridge to satisfy his Sugar cravings. So I asked him to have some Ice cream for dessert and he mentioned how he was craving for some Indian style dessert.

However it was late at night and I was really tired so he just had some ice cream and that was it. Today morning when I was home alone I thought I would make something sweet for him but I had literally no ingredients to make a good Indian dessert. However I found some Milk powder hidden behind a few boxes in the pantry and I suddenly remembered how my aunt used to make some really delicious Rasmalai with Milk powder.


Traditionally once has to use Cottage Cheese or Ricotta for a lot of Indian desserts, but this is a quick way to make soft fluffy dumplings boiled in some thickened Milk.


Although I remembered the recipe a bit, I had to message my cousin (my aunt’s daughter) all the way in Canada, hoping they would be awake for her to get me the correct recipe. And thanks to my aunt and modern technology I was able to make the dessert and chill it just in time before D came home. And boy was he surprised when I served him the Indian dessert he was craving for.


Recipe (cooking time 30 minutes)

1 cup Full fat Milk powder

1/2 cup Sugar

1 Liter Full fat Milk

1 tsp Baking powder

1 small Egg (beaten)

3 Cardamon pods

1 tsp Cardamom powder

Almonds & Pistachios to garnish

Few Saffron strands

1 tbsp Vegetable Oil

1) Heat milk in a wide and thick bottomed pan. Once the milk comes to its first boil, add the Sugar, Cardamom Pods and Saffron and reduce the flame, letting the milk thicken gently.

2) In a bowl add the beaten Egg, Milk powder, Cardamom powder and Baking powders and start mixing them into a dough. You will find that the dough will be really sticky which is fine. At this stage add a little Vegetable oil so it becomes easy to handle. If your Egg is big it you may need to add a little plain Flour to make it easy to roll the dough. Do not over knead, you just everything to be mixed into a dough.

3) Apply a little oil on your palms and start rolling little portions of the dough into small balls. It is important to keep the balls as small as you can as they will swell up once you add them in Milk.

4) Add the balls one by one in the thickened milk. Make sure at this stage the gas flame is really low and you want the balls to be cooked slowly, thru and thru.  DO NOT TOUCH the balls at this stage or they will break.

5) Add the Almond flakes and Pistachios and let them gently cook in the milk for another 10 minutes before they start floating on top and the milk has  thickened further.  Turn the heat off and let them cool down, before chilling them in the fridge.

Serve it chilled garnished with some Almonds, Pistachios and a strand or 2 of Saffron.

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Thanks for the delicious recipe
Love Rasmalai.By the way in step 2 do u mean milk powder instead of milk?


Thank you so much for visiting my blog and stopping to by to leave a comment for the edit. I have now edited the post :)

Elizabeth Mars

These look great and quite simple. They don’t seem like they’d be too sweet either. I shall have to try them.


Liz the milk has sugar. Go with the recipe this time and maybe tweak it if u like it and want to reduce the sugar. Frankly speaking it is delicious and so soft :)

Heather (Sweet Precision)

YUM! This looks totally decadent :) From someone that also has a major sweet tooth I can say that I’d love to make this sometime!!


So happy that you liked it Heather. Australians here usually don’t like Indian sweets are they could be too sweet. Try and see what u think.


This is one of my favourite Indian Desserts, and your recipe seems quite simple and delicious. Bookmarking it for later.


Thanks preveena let me know how it goes.


Yum! The simplicity of this recipe ALMOST makes me game enough to give ras malais a go once again 😉


Yippee you must then :) so easy to make these ones are :)


How many did you make from this recipe?


Hi Aban I made around 16 small balls of rasmalai. I like to keep them small as they do swell up a bit in the milk. You can choose a bigger shape if you wish.


Thanks for your reply! Another question-by adding the egg-did it taste eggy?


Nope not at all. I am also allergic to eggs but could eat these without any issues. I will however not recommend keeping them for more then 3 days. However they r so tasty they won’t last long.


Thanks a lot, its one of da easiest n best recipe


Thank you for liking it


Hi, thanks for sharing this lovey recipe. I just wanted to know whether v could use baking soda instead of baking powder? If yes then how much should v use? Thanks


Hello thank you for writing. No you cannot use Baking Soda, it has to be powder only.


I just tried it today and it tastes awesome !! Thank u for the lovely recipe !!


Thank you Nitya :) glad you liked it.


Hello there Girl from Amchi Mumbai,
I’ve got my first attempt at these simmering at the moment. I did not let a little thing like missing some ingredients stop me (i had all the core ones). Will let you know how they turn out. Not holding out much hope though as my dough was fairly dryish – it did still bind to form balls.

zoya khan

Hi.. I tried the recipe today following all d instructions properly.. The result was truly tasty n awsum.. But the problem was dat d balls wea bit hard n dont knw wat went wrong.. How shld we make d ball soft …?? Please help..


Zoya thank you for trying this recipe. Overkneading can make the balls really hard, you have to be very gentle and soft with them.


Hi.. I’d like to make this for Janmasthami – can I skip the egg? or replace it with something?


Purvi, no since I am using Milk powder I need the egg to bind it. So there is no substitute for Egg.

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