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Yearning for a place called home

Even though I have lived abroad for many years now, I still carry a longing for the motherland with me everywhere I go. I miss India even when I am physically there because I know that now I am just a visitor and this place that I call home is not really my home anymore, it is space that I yearn for. And this yearning becomes even more profound during the festival of Diwali.



I miss the intense fervor that engulfs everyone during this time. The festivity in the atmosphere, the air crackling not just with the fireworks but with excitement as well. Cleaning your house, buying gifts for everyone, making a million types of sweets and snacks and then dressing up in the finest clothes and jewelry is something you can only enjoy when you are in India, because everyone is doing the same thing at the same time.


Sydney seems like a lonely place tonight, as I walked home the only light that I saw was of the street lamps and Mr. Moon smiling at me munificently reminding me that in another part of the world there was a country lit up with a million lights. So I filled my home in Sydney with a few lights as well. Hoping that somehow, somewhere my restless heart will settle knowing this is now home.


Wishing everyone a very happy Diwali, may your life be full of twinkling happy lights.

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Hi Bhavana,
I just came across your instagram page and then this blog. Reading some of your write-ups was not only exciting but also uncanny and a little errie, like someone far far away is reading what’s in my mind, my heart. I read one story and was like “ahhh yet another NRI, missing India, Mumbai”, then I read the next and the next and I was totally hooked as to how can two different people of two very different continents experience the same kind of feelings, thoughts for their motherland and I mean word to word that you have penned down in some of your write-ups are exactly the same. Its like I am reading a book of my own thoughts, longing. This one about Diwali, you just nailed it and I had to comment on this. Beautiful write-up, so many emotions, feelings…….. loved reading it and made me miss Bombay (yeah I still call it Bombay). Like you left India more than a decade ago to move to Philadelphia, USA and though this is home, there always seems to be some yearning towards India.
looking forward to read many of your stories. Keep writing and sharing. Thanks.
Warm regards,
Shree (Bhagyashri – thats what I have to use now to make it easier for the Americans here :) )


Thank you so much Bhagyashri, it is so nice of you to stop and write back. I am glad my posts resonate with you :) Much love – Bhavna

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